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Колектив "Научно-производственной фирмы "Нитпо" поздравляет с профессиональным праздником - Днём работников нефтяной, газовой и топливной промышленности!
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Research-and-production firm "Nitpo" is created in 1991 for working out and the most effective introduction of new technologies and materials at the oil and gas extraction enterprises of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.
Throughout these years by our experts are developed and various technological operations in the field of overhaul of petroleum and gas chinks are successfully applied on chinks of the oil and gas enterprises of Western Siberia, the Far North and the North Caucasus.
Major factor of development of firm are the fundamental and applied research works directed on increase of petroreturn of layers and an intensification of an oil recovery.
The important element of strategy of activity NPF "Nitpo" is adherence of firm to principles of partnership with the customers using our workings out in the productive activity. The policy of firm is directed on an establishment of long-term cooperation with the partners.
The firm has qualified personnel for introduction of the developed technologies of effect on productive horizons of chinks for the purpose perfection of working out of petroleum deposits and increase in petroreturn of layers. The big hands-on experience of experts allows us to conduct trade works at the highest level.
Our experts in the field of materials and the equipment for drilling and oil extracting help customers with a choice of the most effective and comprehensible production, and the commercial service of firm will ensure their timely delivery.
Flexibility of structure of our production allows to design and produce the oil and gas equipment under individual orders of consumers with allowance for the service conditions, the chosen class of a material and a necessary complete set.
The availability of wide connections with factories and the adjacent enterprises, and also structures of storage facilities, allows to form in the shortest terms production shipment by any consignments (cars, containers, motor transport, up to small items of mail) under demands of the customer.
We constantly aspire to that our workings out were as much as possible effective, and service of customers by the unsurpassed.
We will be glad to mutual cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
General director V.M.Stroganov