Conferences and seminars
One of the important activities of RPF "Nitpo" LLC is to promote promising new ideas aimed at solving the existing problems in the oil and gas industry, the promotion of productive exchange of experience between science, mining companies, service companies, manufacturers of equipment, materials and chemicals.
Within the project "Black Sea oil and gas conference" RPF "Nitpo" LLC for more than eight years successfully holds annual international scientific-and-practical conferences on topical subjects: "Current technologies of well workover and oil recovery enhancement. Trends of development", "Construction and repair of wells" (together with trade magazine "Oil and Gas Vertical"), "Gathering, preparation and transportation of hydrocarbons" , "Smart oilfield: innovative technologies from oil well to header pipe" (together with magazine "Neft.Gas.Novacii" from 2013 years).
The effectiveness and necessity of such forums confirmed by the annual increase in the number of conference participants, and the increasing importance of the amount raised and solved them questions. Therefore, in the nearest future RPF "Nitpo" LLC as an extension of topics of the conferences, and the organization of seminars and round tables for industry professionals.