Organosilicon grouting mortar "AKOR"
For more than 30 years in the fields of the former USSR are widely applied waterproofing silicone compositions AKOR . Over the years they have evolved from two -, three- component systems ( AKOR-2,  AKOR-4 , AKOR-5) to one-package AKOR - B100 and AKOR-B300 , which could be used as a presentation and prepare for based on their water-filled compositions .
By 2000, using compositions AKOR was conducted more than 2,500 well operations . Work with compositions AKOR successfully conducted in Russia (JSC "Rosneft-Krasnodarneftegaz", OAO "KOMINEFT" , "Surgutneftegas", "Yuganskneftegaz", "Nizhnevartovskneftegas" , "Langepasneftegas", "Kogalymneftegas", OAO "Megionneftegaz", JSC "Nadymgazprom" , etc.) and abroad (Czechoslovakia).
Since 2000, instead of the AKOR and AKOR-B100, -B300 launched production of an improved modification of the composition of groups AKOR BN TU 2458-001-01172772-99 ( AKOR BN100, AKOR BN101, AKOR BN104, AKOR BN300).
Organosilicon plugging materials AKOR-BN are liquid from yellow-brown to dark brown with a freezing point below -50 C, with a dynamic viscosity of 1-30 mPa • s and a density of 980-1100 kg/m3 (at 20 C ). In the presence of water, silicone plugging material AKOR - hydrolyzes to form BN - soluble liquid product which is then cured (gelled) .
Materials AKOR BN are basic reagents . Depending on the selected object and technological schemes of work they can be used in the presentation (prefabricated) or based on them prepare various insulating compounds and compositions . Most used is the water content in the composition ratio of AKOR BN - water = 1 - 3 (if necessary can be diluted with water to 1-10 times) . This water-filled composition does not lose the ability to cure without losing performance properties and further under the influence of temperature and other factors, was gelled in its entirety, which is not water soluble . They can be used in a wide range of downhole or formation temperature from - 10 to 300 C, are capable to cure under the influence of the water of any kind and of any mineralization.
AKOR BN materials can be used in conjunction with other waterproofing materials and regents to complement the positive characteristics and qualities used formulations expand the technological capabilities of their application and increase the success of the repair and insulation works .
Consumption of commodity material AKOR BN per well operation is 1.5 - 4.5 tonnes depending on the type of work done, the object of influence (well -plast) selected technological schemes of work.
Currently, the most widely used AKOR BN 102, which in terms of adaptability and success superior to any other counterparts. To date, this material has already made ​​more than 1500 well operations .
Our regular customers who acquire AKOR BN 102 are leading oil companies as NK "Rosneft", OJSC "Surgutneftegas" RUE "PA "Belorusneft" , as well as many other oil and gas and service companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.
Technology physicochemical effects gelling composition type AKOR BN on oil-productive  layers are:
• no need for special equipment;
• fast payback of work (3-6 months) ;
• high number of successfull works  (60-95 % depending on the type of irrigation);
• additional oil (average of 1000-2000 t/wells, and more);
• duration of effect (mean 12 months) ;
• reduce the costs associated with produced water ;
• duration of minor repairs , due to the ease of injection , lack of installation of the bridge and re-perforation (except work requiring cement mounting, such as behind-circulation), ease of development .
Materials group AKOR BN licenses by Research-and-Production firm "Nitpo" produced at factory "Khimprom" Novocheboksarsk .
Research-and-Production firm "Nitpo" is the developer of AKOR BN materials group, it owns exclusive rights to the sales of this material and trademark.
Supply of materials AKOR BN TU 2458-001-01172772-99 carried out in 227-liter plastic drums of 200 kg each.