Technology TVIKOR
Technology of repair and insulation works "TVIKOR" using compositions AKOR BN is selective and flexible, which means it is not tied to certain conditions. However, selectivity is caused not only by the material properties, but also geology, reservoir rock composition, technological methods of RIWs . For maximum effect, the technology need to be adapted to the specific geological and technical conditions of the field development.
Application of technology to reduce water compositions AKOR BN allows you to:
• reduce water cut ;
• eliminate string flows of water and gas ;
• the leak of the production casing ;
• connect to the work previously worked streaks .
Companies interested carrying out any limitation of water by the compositions AKOR, "RPF "Nitpo" offers delivery of material, providing for the transfer of information for the preparation of water-filled on the basis of its insulating compositions .
When conducting engineering our professionals determine optimum compositions AKOR, the required amount of reagents, technological modes of reference works, develop a standard model of water shutoff works for certain groups of wells and trained your professionals.